United Staffing Company

United Staffing Company was created by two Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs, Sebastian and Jon. When creating their own Firm years ago, they quickly learned how important it is to have the RIGHT people on your team to grow and sustain a healthy business!

Through hiring their own staff, they learned how to recruit and build relationships with their Employees and what to look for in the RIGHT Employee. Thus a Mission was born, to help companies like themselves and others find the RIGHT Employees for their own teams!

Not only do they strive to connect Companies with outstanding Employees, but they also have a passion for helping people find the right Career Path! United Staffing is here to help find Careers in many Fields, including Oil and Gas, Accounting, Finance, AND MORE!

Whether you are looking for a Career in the Medical Field, a Part-Time Job in Digital Marketing or you are looking to hire your next Human Resources Director, United Staffing is here for YOU!

See how we can connect YOU with the RIGHT Employee or help you on your journey towards a new Career of YOUR dreams!

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